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SpoonIT Software Released

Our FREE software website hosting all our own made software has opened. We have Internet Browsers to Adult Party games, Ghost Hunting tools and Wordpress Plugins, and there will always be a new one added every so often.
You can get any of our free software from this website.

3 Future Techs You Wish Were Real

Very Cool!

Lawyer Says Teacher Who Had Sex with Student Shouldn't Be Charged for "Victimless" Crime

Complex.com - Nicole McDonough, a 32-year-old New Jersey English teacher, is facing three counts of official misconduct—one for having sex with a high school student, and two for texting and seeing two other boys outside of class. Her lawyer argued in court on Wednesday that her crimes are "victimless" and...

Detractors Say The Problem Wasn’t Reddit, It Was Pao

Wired.com - Ellen Pao's critics see her resignation from Reddit as a sign she didn't have the skills to be a successful CEO of the company. The post Detractors Say The Problem Wasn’t Reddit, It Was Pao appeared first on WIRED.

Editor's Blurb:

The sun's out and the ski fields are open, life couldn't be better.

What's new -

26 Aca-Accurate Signs You're In An A Cappella Group, and Duff Beer of Moe's Tavern in the Simpsons is now available in Chile. Cool.

Anyways if you have some interesting local news feel free to drop us a line.

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Internet Party Alive & Kicking

March 3rd 2015. The Internet Party is alive and kicking!

Aside from all opinions, the results of the last elections, Mr Dotcom still going through court battles, and the departure of the party's leader Laila Harre, the Internet Party has not fallen, if anything they have gotten stronger.

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A NZ Digital Currency

July 2nd 2015. The STC Currency is launched!

The developer team at SpoonIT have been watching the rise, fall, and rise again of the bitcoin industry, it is an interesting phenomenon and one that we think will in the future change the way that we pay for things. With it being outlawed in NZ it is very likely that we will never get to experience the bitcoin buzz...

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Zoomer; Robot Puppy

July 9th 2015. Product Pitch: Zoomer, your real best friend.

I've owned my fair share of robot toys, even have built bigger robots from broken toys, so Zoomer did look interesting but I was skeptical as many of these so called robot toys don't even get close to being what I would call even half robotic.

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